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Posted by Eddie Woods on

I am looking to buy a small boat and will need storage.

Can you please advise of your prices and availability for a boat of between 16ft and 20ft for an on-going 12 month period and an on-going 9 month period between March and November.

Many thanks

Eddie Woods
Posted by sandra mitchell on
We are looking to store our caravan down in your area for the spring and summer. What are your charges? thanks.
Posted by chris mitchell on
We spoke last week about storing our caravan this year. Please could we reserve a space. We are coming down your way next weekend or the following one - weather dependant! so will pop in to sort out details. How much exactly will you want? Thanks.
Posted by Hermione Welch on
Hello, i need a new car.
I have a W reg Golf 2.0 Gti, pretty tidy and i want a more fuel efficient car.
Need a small 1.2 or something. Must have 5 doors and decent sized boot.
Do you have anything suitable?
Do you part ex?
Do you do finance?
Kind Regards, H Welch
Posted by Joanna on

Please could you let me know what used cars you have under £4000.

Posted by Damon Allen on
Dear Mr Johnson
Please see your free business listing on

Do let me know if you would like to add to it.


Damon Allen
Posted by Phil on
Im in the market for a mk1 or mk2 golf/cabriolet, would you have anything for sale?
Posted by Steve Fryer on

Was just wondering if you had space to park up to 3 cars during the week of Aug 15th to Aug 22nd? If you have, what would the charge be?
Posted by Stuart on
Red jimmy jeep
Hi ive checked out the MOT
advisory as follows Advisory Notice issued

Front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g)

Nearside Rear across axle Brake pipe slightly corroded (3.6.B.2c)

Vehicle structure has slight corrosion (6.1.A.1)

Offside mirror held on with tape

Fuel pipe/s corroded

Could you tell me more about Vehicle structure has slight corrosion (6.1.A.1) and where that is ?
Historically there has been two years of advisory oil leaks has that been rectfied?
I do like the car and for a cheap run around to last only a couple of years my budget is around £1300 if we can meet near therewould there be any sort of warranty ?
What are your thoughts?
Kind regards
Posted by mark weir on
Hi there i contacting you ref a shipment that should have arrived on the 5th febuary going to the address below from ups.

Under tracking number 1Z590RE86812523268

It was a three piece shipment and the other 2 boxes were sign for by melv

Now the reason for the e-mail is that we have no pod on are system and just checking if you did receive this item on the 5th feb.

The ref numbers on the deliver is 732048-031
If u could help us in this matter and if u haven’t received the item can you let us know what the item should have been.

Many thanks

Mark weir
Ups Southampton
Posted by MRS PERKS on
Could you kindly supply an email contact address for your Accounts Payable please. Many thanks.
Posted by Kit Hughes on

Please can you let me know if you have space available for a 2 berth Baileys Pageant, not sure of the length but not very long? We are moving to Bridport in the Spring and looking for a place to store, we have passed your garage many time and it looks nice, !
Posted by gary smith on
i see you have a civic type r for sale.
can you confirm spec and history?
Posted by Mrs Boughton on
Please could let me know availability and a price for caravan storage?
Many thanks
Posted by Emma on
Hi i was wondering if you could send me an email in order for me to be able to contact you about my request as I can't see your email address anywhere
Posted by jane green on
Just to confirm that when I spoke to you earlier today we will be storing our caravan with you from Fri 12th May.
Look forward to seeing you then.

Jane Green
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Posted by RichardTab on
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Posted by RichardHof on
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Posted by RobertNoide on
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Posted by Jordansmoox on
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Posted by DonaldCon on
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Posted by AbrokSpure on
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Posted by Chris Doyle on
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Posted by Miliansbeelm on
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Posted by Timothysl on
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